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April, 2010 –

Alexandra, is nearly crawling, full of curiosity and is clearly the apple of my brother’s eye.

Lily has finally arrived from China and her sunny disposition has won everyone over.

Brian and Emily’s son, Owen, arrived just two weeks after Paxton and already the two boys have spent time together – plotting no doubt.

December, 2009 – The Stewart-Ferry Clan is really growing this year!

On Bastille Day, Alasdair and Holly welcomed tiny little Alexandra into their lives. She is adjusting well to her two canine big sisters and life with my brother (an adjustment for anyone!).

Dwane and Christy are still awaiting the adoption of their dear daughter, Lily. Fingers crossed that she will be home with them in time for Christmas if not sooner!

Brian and Emily are also expecting a baby boy, Owen, over the holiday season. Owen and Paxton are destined to be nearly twins. Will and Evan will be the brooding big brothers.

And finally, my mother seems to have found a really great man who brings out the best in her and makes her smile so, Robert, welcome to the family, too!

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