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May 29, 2010 – Piper had her first school field trip this month. She and her classmates had a nice ride on a real school bus up to the Santa Barbara Zoo. She had a second bus ride when we visited the California Strawberry Festival in mid-May.

Soccer is her current sport, she is asking for ballet, gymnastics and swimming so this is sure to be an action packed summer. She has learned to write her name, recognize most letters of the alphabet and understands that words all mean something.

Piper is very good with her brother, the two of them can be found smiling and giggling together. Piper has busied herself in the past few days with trying to potty-train her sister. Once Persy has mastered that, she can start going to school along with Piper a few mornings a week.

March 31, 2010 – Piper is learning to read letters, can identify all the key dinosaurs and act the role of all Disney princesses. She is absolutely in love with her brother and tries to be helpful with him and Persy. She enjoyed my dad’s visit last month – showing off her jigsaw puzzle abilities and talking nonstop.

She starts pre-ballet and soccer in April.

December 4, 2009-Piper is enjoying her new role as a big sister to two. She is thriving at preschool and comes home with daily stories to tell. She is very excited for Christmas this year and is happy to let you know that Santa will be bringing her candy and princesses. Her favorite show to watch currently is any Tom and Jerry cartoon.

September 4, 2009-A quick post to bring you up to speed. She now attends preschool full time, she loves it and calls it Magic School. She loves her sister, her dogs, her Toy Story toys, coloring, running and climbing.

She is a bit of a Betsy Johnson/Punky Brewster when it comes to getting dressed. Her current preference is for different colors of Crocs and/or mismatched socks. She wears lipstick (chapstick).

Her favorite foods are yogurt and BabyBel cheese which she calls Jackson Cheese after a boy in her class who also brings the same cheese in his lunch.

She recently had her third trip to the ER in as many years, this one for a ding to the noggin involving a slide, her cousin and a flagstone.

This winter she will be skiing and playing soccer.

Her favorite color is purple.

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